Quanah & AnnaBeth Spence

Quanah & AnnaBeth Spence


AnnaBeth is my bride of five years. For five years, I have also worked for Randall-Reilly, a Tuscaloosa based company, where I work in digital marketing. AnnaBeth is a nurse, and will soon graduate from Samford University with her DNP (Doctorate of Nursing Practice) as a nurse practitioner.

I am currently serving as interim pastor at RMLBC in McCalla, AL. I am also an aspiring church planter, with a vision to start a church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, near the University of Alabama.

A bit more about me...

Before the age of ten, as a result of some unfortunate circumstances, I lived in a new home almost every year as my brother and I were cared for by a variety of family members across the country. My life drastically changed when I met Jesus and when I met the family who shared His name and love with me. A family from Alabama doing mission work among Native Americans (I belong to the Hualapai tribe) shared the gospel with me, and I repented and believed. This family not only walked with me through my spiritual adoption but also my physical adoption. When I was ten years old, the Spence family adopted my brother and me and continued to raise us in the faith.

I was Born in Barstow California, lived in six states and eight different homes, and after my adoption was raised on a farm just south of Tuscaloosa in Moundville, Alabama. Now I want to plant a church in the heart of the city of Tuscaloosa because I believe college campuses are some of the most strategic places on earth to disciple future generations that will have a global impact. Alabama is the fastest growing flagship state university in America, and I hope this growth will be reflected in our cities Gospel-centered churches.

Although I had a passion for college ministry early on I suppose I assumed Tuscaloosa was already “taken care of”, after all, doesn't Tuscaloosa already have enough churches? I went to high-school minutes from the University of Alabama but not until I had an opportunity to do college ministry on the UA campus did I finally see the need for more gospel-centered disciple-making churches. As AnnaBeth and I processed this need, a vision for City Church was born.

I pray the Lord will use my story for his Glory in Tuscaloosa, and I pray he will use some of yours. If you are interested in our church planting vision visit www.CityChurchTCL.com