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— Quanah (kwanuh)


It is difficult to articulate how, and to what extent, Danny Logan impacted the individuals who knew him. However,  I give you my attempt. The stories I use will be unique to me. The sentiments I employ could be echoed by many, but the reputation I describe will inspire all. For those of you who knew Danny, I pray that your own memories of him are stirred; and for those of you who did not know him, I pray that you are encouraged by a man who was truly one-of-a-kind. Above all, I pray that God receives glory for having given us a man to learn from like Danny Logan.

I have an identical twin brother, so I will occasionally refer to “us” or “we” in my account. I met Danny when I was in middle-school around 6:30 one morning (the time we got dropped off at school). Because we got to school so early, Danny saw an opportunity to give us our first job. He started letting us sweep the gym, mop the cafeteria, vacuum classrooms, etc. He would pay us a few dollars cash every day we did a little work. For lunch money, my dad gave us each $25 for the week. We ate a lot, so we needed Danny to survive. I believe my dad and Danny conspired together to make sure we always had something to do! Eventually, we were placed on the school's payroll. 

There were a variety of reasons Danny was an excellent person to have as a friend around ACA. Making money is one reason. Also, if you were one of Danny's workers, and he needed help for something, it was a great opportunity to get out of class. Danny was also the keeper of the keys. Many of us remember early mornings or late afternoons, when there wasn't work to be done, asking Danny to get into the computer lab to play Quake. He was also the man we called to get into the weight room. If you went to ACA and knew Danny you had a lifetime gym membership. Some of the most classic times with Danny occurred when working with him on the weekends. On those days we were with friends, with Danny, working hard, having fun, and we usually got a free meal at Buddys. Knowing Danny had perks but being Danny's friend usually became something worthy of a movie or a book. He had all the qualities of a great story; mystery, humor, character, humility, frustration, love, friendship, and something more significant than self. I consider it a great privilege to be counted among his friends.

My brother’s and my relationship with Danny resulted in continued work at ACA even after graduation. For a year or so, my brother and I cleaned the school at night and continued to see Danny often. When college was in full swing for us, we would still make it a point to periodically gather the group together and go eat a meal or watch a movie with Danny. Since high school, I have surrendered to the ministry, and Danny was a big encourager of mine in pursuit of this path. He surprised me when he came and heard one of the first sermons I ever preached. He never actually said much to encourage me. He wasn't a theologian, he was just a friend that cared.

I think it's interesting that I became acquainted with Danny out of somewhat selfish purposes; I wanted cash and to get out of class; but I came to experience real friendship with Danny. I remember right before we graduated from ACA, he gathered those he knew best in our class so he could say goodbye. He wept for us as he told us he loved us. As a self-centered teenager, that impacted me a lot. Everyone knows Danny served others, but he deeply loved others too. 

I believe Danny would like if I asked you now to consider Christ. Perhaps, like me, you came to know Christ for personal gain, that is, because you didn't want to go to hell, but I pray that your relationship has progressed into something far more significant and genuine. Danny loved God, loved people, and he served both. His life and legacy are an echo of the life and legacy of Jesus. Jesus, who died single, childless, and in the presence of his precious mother. His life is an echo of Jesus who died leaving behind an example to the men and women who knew him. Mark 9:35 seemed to be a theme verse of Danny, “If anyone would be first, he must be last of all and servant of all.” May Danny’s life continue to echo. 

My brother and I received an award in high-school named after Danny. It is an award I am most honored to possess. Danny was a hero hiding in plain sight. His powers to impact people were disguised behind suspenders and glasses. I swear he was invincible - I never could understand how he could weed eat around rocks with shorts on! He had the biggest calves and the biggest heart. The last time I saw him was a few months ago. It was nearly 10 PM on a weeknight. My brother was in town, we wanted to work out, but my gym was closed. When we called Danny to see if he would let us into the ACA weight room he was at home and sounded like he was nearly asleep. He still came for us though. After catching up, as he usually did before leaving us, he gave us each a hug and told us he loved us. He was good to my brother and me. He was so good to so many. I thank God for the time I got to spend with him. 

We weep for you now Danny, and we love you, but we do not weep as those with no hope because we know you had hope in Christ. 

Righteousness and Peace Kiss