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5 Principles To help you interpret the Bible Faithfully

My hope is that every time you listen to the word of God, whether in personal devotion, a small group setting or through preaching, that the Word will be rightly handled (2 Timothy 2:15). The principles listed below are not exhaustive and could be expounded upon in many books (as they have been!), but for now, here are '5 Principles To Help You Interpret The Bible Faithfully'.

5 Principles To help you interpret the Bible Faithfully

  1. Read the whole Bible with the Hero of the Bible in mind.

  2. Prioritize context over preconceived concepts.

  3. Don't hide the meaning looking for a hidden meaning.

  4. Don't allow unclear verses to make the Bible unclear.

  5. Cultivate Holy Spirit application rather than cultural acclimation.

The task of correctly interpreting the Bible is one of the most important disciplines for Christians to partake in. I didn't say reading the Bible but interpreting the Bible. Reading the Bible can certainly be beneficial in a variety of ways, but misinterpreting the scriptures can foster immaturity and advance false teaching. We will not know the real mind of God if you do not accurately interpret the Bible. Faithful, responsible Bible interpretation will keep us from becoming immune to the spirit of truth and detached from the mind of God.

You do not need a seminary degree to interpret the Bible faithfully. You just need to catch a vision for the significance correctly exposing the truth of scripture. If you have never given much thought to the art and science of Bible interpretation, I only want to provide some scaffolding by which you can begin to build a reliable process for exposing the meaning of scripture in a responsible and God-exalting way - rather than a way that exalts man and misrepresents the character of God.

Studying the art and science of Bible Interpretation has been one of the most significant endeavors in my Christian walk. I am thankful for my pastors and professors, especially in my early ministry years, who have provided resources to teach me and have inspired me to dig for faithful interpretations.

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