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— Quanah (kwanuh)

Ode to Oxford Study Tour 2018

A story I have of a wonderful trip
43 souls traversed by airship
To the land of the Angle, Saxon, and Scot
The home of the people we once fought
But that is old news and now friends we are
So we came to tour both near and far

At St Paul’s we met neath the glory of Wren
Some of us strangers now dearest friends
Of history and church and British culture too
We journeyed together, the Oxford Study Crew

London was busy as we traveled the place
On train and bus the Brits were all up in our space
We heard of old Wesley and Spurgeon
We conquered the Tube with the precision of a surgeon.
We saw spires and halls and not a few graves
We also learned that here our Lord still saves.

To Oxford we went to live for awhile
In the land where Tom met Mary’s trial
Where Lewis felt the weight of glory
And Tolkien was able to craft his story
But most of all what we learned as a troop
Was the answer to what constitutes a group

Our travels took us beyond this home
To lands afar that had plenty of scones
In Cambridge we met the medieval town
Built for learning by nobles and the crown
In Northampton we learned of missions birth
Of Fuller and Carey sent to the Ends of the Earth

The weather was warm and we had our fill
Up North to Scotland and it’s beautiful hills
Driven by Scott who moved a bit faster than a crawl
We stopped on the old border at Hadrian’s Wall
Into Edinburgh we walked, worshiped and walked some more
On royal miles til our feet were sore

This Trip’s been fun most of all because of you people
A community I’d join under any steeple
But thanks are still had for a special few
The Walkers, the Duesings, and Dr. Wilkinson to be true
Most of all my mate Steven who has helped until the end
To all I count you dear to me indeed I call you friend.

So Home we go and part our ways
But let us not forget these days
Of history we saw but future too
The glory of God will always shine through
So let us remember and continually pray
God is not done working in the UK.
— W. Madison Grace II

W. Madison Grace II

Associate Professor of Baptist History and Theology, Director of the Oxford Study Program, and Editor of Southwestern Journal of Theology

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